The Executive Board

Martin von Arnim a. d. H. Kropstaedt
He represents the family in external issues.
e-mail: mva(AT)

Jasper von Arnim a. d. H. Suckow-Klemzow
Family history
e-mail: jasper(AT)

Allard von Arnim a. d. H. Brandenstein
e-mail: AllardvonArnim(AT)

Cornelia Dansard, born von Arnim a. d. H. Mellenau
Organizing the family assamblies
e-mail: mail(AT)

Tim von Arnim a. d. H. Zehdenick
Youth matters
e-mail: Timv.arim(AT)

The Executive board (Vorstand) is elected by the family assembly.
It consists of 5 persons who choose the chairman and the vice-chairman out of this group.

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