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On this page, we would like to introduce selected family members.
Further details can be found under the column “Portraits”.

This series is still to be continued.

Hans Georg von Arnim
(1583 – 1641)
Military leader, Statesman

Achim von Arnim
(1781 – 1831)

Bettina von Arnim, born Brentano
(1785 – 1859)
Heinrich Alexander Baron von Arnim
(1798 – 1861)
Prussian Diplomat, Statesman, Politician
Heinrich von Arnim
Lord of mines and proprietor
of iron and steel works
(1800 – 1855)
Adolf-Heinrich Count von Arnim
(1803 – 1868)
Prussian Government Official, Politician,
Lord of the Earldom Boitzenburg
Ferdinand von Arnim
(1814 – 1866)
Architect, Water Colourist,
Prussian “Hofbaurat”, Professor
Harry Count von Arnim
(1824 – 1881)
Gisela von Arnim
(1827 – 1889)
Later married to Herman Grimm
Hans von Arnim
(1859 – 1931)
Dr. phil., Dr. phil. h.c.
Professor of Classical Philology
Elizabeth von Arnim
(1866 – 1941)
Real name: Mary Annette Countess
von Arnim, born Beauchamp
Hans-Jürgen von Arnim
(1889 – 1962)
Full General (Generaloberst) ret.


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