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The von Arnim Family Association (Familienverband)

The association in its present form was founded by decision of the “Familientag” (family assembly) of June 2nd 1962. It is duly registered with the court of First Instance in Bonn (Register of Associations), is member of the Society of German Noble Associations (VdDA) and also adheres to the Saxonian Association of Nobility.
Its Acting boardVorstand” consists of 5 members and decides on all family matters which are not reserved to the Family Assembly, in particular it

The Family Association is defined by all those bearing the family name „von Arnim“ and being direct descendants - male or female - of the three brothers Claus I Ludeke I and Wilke I von Arnim, who lived around 1400, were born as children of a male von Arnim in wedlock or subsequently legitimized. Similarly all duly married wives of a male von Arnim are family members.
The family at present counts some 500 members most of whom have applied for membership in the association once they were at age.

Purpose and duties of the association are described in Art 2 of its rules:

Already in 1441 the Arnim cousins came together and decided on a family rule, that landownership should not be lost through heritage or bad administration. Some 140 years later, the 28th of December 1581 another family assembly is reported to promise solidarity among the family. They also gave themselves the obligation to monitor and solve any family conflicts through arbitration within the family. The arbitrators should come 2 from each of the 3 main branches of the family (Zehdenick, Zichow and Gerswalde). On the occasion of the family assembly of December 25th 1584 those rules have been further refined and enlarged.
Thereby one can state that the family at the end of 1584 disposed of a set of rules duly registered. The modern form of a family association came about through decree of the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm IV who authorized major landowning families to have a seat in the Prussian parliament. As a result the Arnim family constituted itself as an association under new law on October 28th 1856. Adolf-Heinrich Graf von Arnim Boitzenburg was elected head of the family and therefore became member of the Upper house of the Prussian Parliament. Since then the family meets once a year until today except for a few occasions as a result of war or other upheavals.

The Saxonian branches Kriebstein and Planitz had created their own association on January 14th 1888. The reunification came about as late as 1937.

Written by Jasper von Arnim
Translated Ruprecht von Arnim



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