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On these pages we would like to summarize a few important aspects of our family history.

Coat of Arms
Here we would like to introduce the clan’s Coat of Arms and other Coats of Arms which resulted from noble promotions the family received.

The legend of the Coat of Arms
On this page you will find the original text of the Coat of Arms’ legend as well as comments on this legend by an historian.

Dedications (Clan register’s pages)
On this page you are able to browse some pages from dedications given to friends, read excerpts and translations of the original texts as well as see depictions of the family’s Coats of Arms.

Family chronicle
A short introduction to the early history of the von Arnim family which you can access chapter by chapter:

If you would like to know more please take note of the extensive literature on our family’s history.

In this chapter you are able to access some of the most important family documents in their exact wording.

1204 - First documented mention of a von Arnim.

1441 - House laws of the Arnims.

1581 - Heir rules of the Arnim dynasty.

Books on our family’s history

The following pages list the most important publications on our family’s history.

Translated: Henning von Arnim a. d. H. Lützlow
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